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EDM technology

Wire EDM

Over 40 years of experience make us a competent and reliable partner in all matters of wire edm. We meet the constantly growing demands with modern machines and highly qualified employees. We cut for you on a total of 5 wire erosion plants in Herford. Neither the smallest parts with 0.1mm wire nor large workpieces pose any problems for us.

Challenge us!


On our NC-controlled starting hole drilling machine, we offer
workpiece drilling from 0.3 – 3.0 mm in hardened steel, as well as in all
electrically conductive materials over a height of up to 300 mm.
Modern TwinWire technology enables automatic change
of different wire diameters. This allows productivity to be significantly increased for
appropriate tasks.

Our employees solve even difficult tasks safely and reliably with a great deal of know-how. Complicated contours, gear profiles, maximum taper and multi-sided machining are our daily challenges. In the best case, we can realise dimensional accuracy down to 2µm and surface qualities down to RA 0.1µm.

We deliver the best possible quality to our customers on time at reasonable prices. To make this possible, we have created the necessary framework conditions. A fully air-conditioned environment is just as much a part of this as modern precision machines and measuring equipment.


We speak your language:
Our communication and programming systems guarantee a fast flow of information and smooth cooperation at all levels. In dialogue with you, optimal solutions are created on the cutting edge of knowledge. The execution is carried out by us in the highest quality. Your CAD data is transferred using the standard interfaces DXF, DWG, IGES, VDA, Step, Parasolid, JT and CAT part.

Whether it’s tightly toleranced fits, interlocking tapers or ruled surfaces, we have successfully “cut” everything. Always with the claim to deliver ready-to-install workpieces so that as little reworking as possible is necessary. If you wish, we can offer you a pick-up and delivery service.

Electrical discharge machining

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