Generic filters

Switching amplifiers (Multifunctional relays)

for inductive contacts

MULTIFUNCTIONAL RELAYS for inductive contacts

are switching amplifiers for connecting inductive contacts in areas where no cost-intensive PTB-tested isolating switching amplifiers are required. Unwanted switching signals of the inductive contacts, caused by vibrations, are greatly reduced by a drop-out delay.

Technical Data (for the basic version)

Auxiliary power: 230 V AC, 115 V AC, 24 V AC oder 24 V DC
Control voltage: 10 V DC
Relay output: 230 V AC, 8 A, 2000 VA

Switching Amplifiers

transmit binary signals from potentially explosive areas to safe areas. Signal transmitters can be proximity switches according to EN60947-5-6 (NAMUR) or mechanical contacts. The control circuit can be monitored for wiring errors.

Technical Data

Auxiliary power: 230 V AC, 115 V DC or 24 V DC
Input: acc. EN60947-5-6 (NAMUR) 8 V DC, approx. 8 mA
Output: Relay contacts, 230 V AC, 2A
SIL according to IEC 61508