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Plastics technology

Technical injection-moulded parts

We produce high-quality technical injection moulded parts from all thermoplastics, also from customer tools. In our plastics processing department, modern injection moulding machines are used for the reliable production of technical plastic parts. With our highly motivated team we guarantee the highest quality.

On a total of 16 machines with a clamping force of up to 2,000kN we have the possibility to produce small and pilot series at low cost. Mould sizes up to 530 x 730mm can be accommodated and injection weights from 1.0g to 290g (based on polystyrene) can be realised. By using core pull technology and the possibility of injecting into the parting line, the highest flexibility is achieved when demoulding detailed contours. We process all thermoplastics, e.g. PA6, PP, PE, POM, PC, PC-ABS, as well as materials with complex properties, such as highly filled polyamides.

Insertion, assembly and finishing work, such as component assembly, ultrasonic welding, thread cutting can also be carried out.

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